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Change in color of the teeth: How did this happen?

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The most common starting to think about teeth whitening carefully looking into your mirror and smile then seeing the resulting plaque on the teeth, brown spots, or just changed the color of teeth. About all of this, please refer to the following Articles.

Yellowing of the teeth causes

How often this happens when I looked into the mirror of your teeth raises the question: Why the difference between my teeth shades and where the appearance of those spots? ". The reasons are many and varied. To help you, here is a list of the most common dental discolouration affecting reasons. 


Most common causes of yellowing teeth :


Food & Drink Coffee, tea, coca cola colored soft drinks, red wine, and even some fruits and vegetables cause tooth discolouration. 


Tobacco Any tobacco products: cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipes and chewing tobacco has a negative effect on your teeth color. 


Dental Care insufficiently cared for teeth over time is likely to turn yellow, the dental plaque is formed. 


Injury or Illness, various injuries and diseases have a significant impact on children's tooth enamel formation. This is one of the most common causes of yellowing teeth, caused an early age. 


Pharmaceutical Medicines and antibiotics can affect your teeth discoloration. No matter what your reasons for yellow teeth because of tooth bleaching agents help you can have a perfect smile. Choose afford suitable teeth whitening strips and jitterbugging yourself and people around her new smile.


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